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Simplicity is the key driving force behind the success of Java. When Dr. Gosling invented the Java language in 1995, the goal was to make life easier for software developers. Java's elegant language design, simple API, and vendor-independence have made it the platform of choice for many developers. However, as Java evolves to address enterprise needs for scalability and flexibility, developer friendliness has taken a back seat. The complex programming model in EJB 2.1 and J2EE 1.4 has hindered Java's adoption, and it's the root cause for many slow-performing and error-prone Java applications. Fortunately, help is on the way. The upcoming EJB 3.0 and J2EE 1.5 servers greatly simplify enterprise Java development without compromising scalability and flexibility. Unlike many other third-party commercial and open source J2EE alternatives, EJB 3.0 is completely standard-... (more)

Marc Fleury's JBoss Blog: "BusinessWeek: JBoss, the Bad Boys of Open Source"

Enter The JBoss Matrix: "BusinessWeek: JBoss, the Bad Boys of Open Source" Like the protagonist says at the beginning of Trainspotting, you can… Choose a career path, choose a cubicle, choose endless code review meetings, choose an IDE, choose to be good to authority and hope authority will be good to you, choose a thought leader, choose a license, choose an architecture, choose a paradigm, choose a retirement plan, choose a language, choose your SOA, choose sensitivity training, choose Linux vs. Windows, choose a debugger, choose an MBA, choose the system… Or&hellip... (more)

Enter The JBoss Matrix - "We are still here" Says Marc Fleury

So it has been a long time since I last blogged. Basically the closing happened and then it seems I went into deep freeze for a little while. I needed this break. Problem is, it looked like I disappeared from the industry, pulling my gig and retiring to the beach. One of the albums I have been listening to over and over this summer is Parts Unknown III, Subject Detroit by a DJ called DJ Bone. It is pure Detroit electronic music in a sense, melody is usually great and soulful, wrapped in some of the hardest beat driven music. If you are new to techno, this isn’t exactly the... (more)

Marc Fleury's JBoss Blog: "Strip Mining" and "Waste Dumping" in Open Source

In his latest JBoss blog at JBoss.com, Enterprise Open Source Conference 2006 keynoter Marc Fleury (pictured) writes: BEA and IBM are doing a good marketing job of spinning their "strategy." BEA calls it a "Blended" strategy....IBM calls it “Bluewashing.” Marketing spin aside, the strategy is "OSS Strip Mining" which is taking open source software built by a community and "Bluewashing" or "Blending" within proprietary, closed source offerings; forking/changing the open source code as needed in the process. The community does not benefit from this, but IBM and BEA shar... (more)

Wall Street, Oracle and Game Theory

The folks over at RHAT haven’t wasted time putting me to work. I just spent two weeks working with investors, touring with Dion Cornett, the VP of Investors Relations. I don’t know how he does it. I used to see investors as a private company, mainly due to the impact we had on public companies at the time, but nothing like what I went through recently -- roughly 60 investors in three days. Summarizing the state of the company in 40 minutes slots was a learning experience. The message needs to be fairly simple, which is probably why it works. Essentially RHAT/JBoss is... (more)